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Modulize Image Manager - New Image Manager

Inserito da: luciorota
Aggiornamento: 03/Mar/2010

Versione: 0.0088 beta
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What is this module
This is an Enhanced version of Standard Xoops Image Manager.
This module uses Xoops Preload features.
With this version uploaded images will be automatically resized if they are bigger than max category sizes.
With this version you can Edit images (functions: undo, resize, crop, mirror, flip, rotate; fliters: grayscale, sepia, pencil, emboss, blur, smooth, invert, brightness, contrast, colorize).
With this version you can Clone images.
With this version you can choose where upload images.
With this version you can choose mimetypes for any category.
With this version you have extra image fileds.
With this version you have an enhanced version of "image.php" script.
With this version you can install, activate or deactivate an extra Xoops tag, [newimg] tag.
With this version you have an enhanced version of popup image manager, "imagemanager.php" script.

New Image Manager Module for Xoops is released under GNU LGPL 2.1.
This effectively means you're allowed to use it in a commercial project, although modifications and improvements of the project must be released under GNU LGPL.

Module created by
Rota Lucio <luciorota>
email: lucioDOTrotaATgmailDOTcom
web: http://luciorota/

* WideImage library 10.02.08
* Smart Image Resizer 1.4.1 by Joe Lencioni
* ImageEditor 1.5 by Peter Frueh
* Xoops 2.4.3 standard Image Manager by Xoops crew

To do list
1. Improve the popup imagemanager.php (for editors)
2. Improve the WideImage library integration
3. Multiple images Upload
4. Try to use XoopsCache in Smart Image Resizer / image.php ( if there are some benefits )
5. Rewrite administrative interface with Xoops 2.5.0 style (using templates, jquery, ...)
6. Add an End User interface
7. Create User private category/User public category
8. Add Phpdocumentor tags
9. Import/export images utility
10. ...

Prezzo: Gratuito | Sistema: Xoops 2.4.0 | Licenza: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 2.0) | Limitazioni: None

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